Yes girls, WE GOT HIM!!!

I knew, absolutely KNEW beyond all doubt as soon as I saw Julian Rios in Playgirl that I HAD to find him for us. And let me tell you, it was not a minor task locating him! I spent countless hours on the Internet only to find "Julian Rios" a writer of some sort of literature and COUNTLESS "Rios" family reunions! I did locate a few fan sites and an e-list, but no way of contacting him. I wrote to Playgirl but they never responded. I admit to feeling close to defeat but somehow I just knew I could find him eventually.

Then, in July as Leiha, Nancy, Mags, Linda and I were lazing around the pool here at the Do-Drop-In and looking at the HUGH pics of Julian in that old Playgirl, I was telling them of my plight & determination and I said to Leiha, half kidding, that since he lives in Southern California and so does she, that she should be able to find him! Hey, they could be neighbors, right?! Well, she looked at me & said, very seriously, "You know, I do live in the porn capitol of the world, and I work in a business where everyone knows someone. Let me give it a try". Well, my eyes bugged out of my head and I said, "You're on an RBL Mission!". I couldn't believe that only a few days after she returned home she had MADE CONTACT! After one miss, she remembered a radio personality that she thought could help her, and sure enough, she's got THE Julian of the ELEVEN INCHES' publicist! She wrote to him, I wrote to him, and, HE WROTE BACK! So, to make a long story short - HERE WE ARE!!!! THANK YOU LEIHA from the verrry bottomest of my heart!

I'm afraid this "intro" may be a little longer than usual because once I start talking about Julian, I can't stop!! As most of you know, I am a bundle of nerves before these telephone interviews but I do believe I can say that this one "took the cake" - I was a WRECK!!!…JULIAN! I'M GOING TO TALK TO JULIAN on the phone!!!! OMIGOD! The first few minutes were scary - I was a blithering idiot (I can't believe he didn't hang up on me!!) but soon I was having FUN! And the part of this interview that I wish most could be conveyed is the fun & laughter we shared. Julian loves to laugh and he has a sense of humor to come right back at me. Most of the silliness isn't on this written interview because it couldn't be typed to make sense, but what I found while I was talking to Julian is a fine, funny, intelligent man. He talks candidly about himself, his background, his work and his future plans. He is a man we would all find ourselves absolutely comfortable with. Julian may be an adult entertainer, but he breaks any preconceived notion you may have about what kind of person he might be.

But I'll close my trap here and let you see for yourselves. It is such an AWESOME pleasure to introduce you to……Juuuuuuuulian….

Vic: You're very inaccessible Julian! Very hard to find. Do you avoid attention?

Julian: I don't go searching for it.

Vic: How do you feel about doing this interview then?

Julian: Oh! It doesn't bother me at all. I'm happy to do it.

Vic: You've read the questions? Any problems with any of them?

Julian: No. Oh, well, maybe just that last one. I'm kind of shy.

Vic: You are???? (who'd have guessed?????)

Julian: Yep. But I'll do my best.

Vic: No, no! If you can't that's ok! But whenever I've interviewed a male I've asked a standard question, and that is, "Can you tell us your most erotic fantasy"? And most have enjoyed answering it & done pretty well with it. But maybe you've lived all your most erotic fantasies because of your profession.

Julian: I think you'd be surprised.

Vic: You DO have one?

Julian: Well, the fantasy for me, I guess is, I'm living it now because I'm married and I'm monogamous - It's monogamy and "normal" sex. Because you know, we're asked to do these ridiculous things that REALLY, people don't do. And if you do do them, more power to you & you better be a real acrobat!!! I mean they ask you to do so many ridiculous things that when my wife & I are at home & having regular sex, that's more of a fantasy and more of a turn on.

Vic: So you've been doing these films long enough that "normal" is a fantasy to you?

Julian: Yes. "Normal" is more of a fantasy than anything else!

Vic: Wow! That's very interesting.

Julian: You know, my fantasy used to be two women together. But that's really a second seat I'd say.

Vic: You have a bird back there. (hearing tweeting noises in the background)

Julian: Yes. We have a bird, a ferret, four dogs, and two horses.

Vic: Wow! We're big animal lovers at RBL!

Vic: I think you'll like RBL Romantica.. We're a straight group of ladies, but we really do "shoot from the hip"! We're a lot more liberal than some romance sites and we just seem to have found each other and we've become a large and close-knit family. And I've got to tell you that when I first put your Playgirl picture on the site, you brought the house down! And, of course none of us knew until very recently what you actually do for a living!

Julian: Yeah, I'm not a surfer! (as he cracks up!)

Vic: And that leads to my second question. WHY was it NOT revealed in Playgirl what you actually do for a living?

Julian: When I first did the photo shoot they didn't want it revealed that I am an adult film star. They wanted to present me to the public as more of a "guy next door" that could be anybody.

Vic: Yeah right. The guy next door to me is old & fat & I don't EVEN want to contemplate the "rest" of it!!! But you know, I think it would have been a lot more titillating & I would have appreciated knowing because when I found out, I wanted to find some movies!!!! And I think the women who read Playgirl are open enough to feel that way. I mean why hide it? If you've got ELEVEN INCHES of "something" I wanna see MORE!

Julian: Well, the whole story is entirely not me at all. I'm not a surfer. And Kelly Slater is a MALE surfer. And that's who I was supposedly getting married to!!!

Vic: WHAT?!

Julian: Unbeknownst to me, they portrayed me as gay. They told me when I did the photo shoot that they have a large female readership but there are men who get the magazine too. But they portrayed me in the story as being gay.


Julian: Yes! They said I was getting married, then they made reference later in the article to surfer Kelly Slater & I thought it was a female surfer! I thought, ok, no problem, whatever. Then I don't know how it came about, reading the newspaper or if I was watching ESPN or something and the name Kelly Slater came up and he's a guy!

Vic: OMIGOSH! I don't see it in the article (I do have the magazine open as we speak!). But then perhaps I didn't get past the pictures, eh! Maybe I don't just get Playgirl for the articles after all!! Well that's certainly an unfair presentation of you Julian!

Julian: Oh, I'm used to it.

Vic: Ok, I'm going down my list of other questions & I'm trying real hard not to be nervous Julian. But you know, even Barbara Walters would be nervous!…..If she knew what I know!!! (hahaha!)

(he cracks up)

Vic: But don't you feel that if Playgirl had revealed what you do for a living it would have helped you? Been good PR for you & your films?

Julian: Yes, I think it would have.

Vic: I think I would have been resentful if I were you.

Vic: The last gentleman I interviewed, Rob Ashton, who is a cover model and former Chippendale dancer did a Playgirl layout and had a great experience with them and some fun stories to relate. And I thought you might too but it sounds as if you had a bad experience with them.

Julian: No. It wasn't a bad experience. The photographers that took the pictures I'd worked with before. They are a gay couple and very nice guys, but they're just the photographers, they didn't write the story. The editors are going to put in what they want. Make up a story or whatever.

Vic: Well, I've got to say, they did an INCREDIBLE job of photographing you. I believe those are some of THE most beautiful male nude pictures I've ever seen.

Julian: Yes they did. Because I usually don't like pictures of myself alone or in color. I like black & white.

Vic: Really? Why?

Julian: I don't know. It's just one of those things where you're a lot more critical of yourself and I just don't think I look good in color pictures.

Vic: Are you telling me that you don't know that you're as beautiful as you are?

Julian: Ummm, (he chuckles shyly)…I'm telling you that.

Vic: Whoa! That's incredible. I noticed in this Playgirl that you don't have facial hair and I've noticed in (the 3) movies I've seen you in that you do have facial hair.

Julian: I do now. Actually I did at the time but they wanted me clean-shaven.

Vic: And you have the hair back on your face now?

Julian: Yes - goatee.

Vic: And mustache?

Julian: Yes.

Vic: Ummm. Why do you prefer that?

Julian: Because it adds some age to me. Clean shaven I look 20!

Vic: How old are you?

Julian: Thirty

Vic: You are? You do look younger.

Julian: See!

Vic: How are you wearing your hair now?

Julian: Slicked back.

Vic: Is it long like in the Playgirl pics?

Julian: It's shorter than that. I go through stages. Sometimes I let it grow out, then I cut it. I've never had super long hair. It got to a point where it was longer than those photos maybe by a couple of inches and then I got tired of it and cut it but I'm letting it grow again.

Vic: We like it long *HG*

Julian: It's still got length but it's a little shorter than the Playgirl pictures.

Vic: Realllly? I like the length in these pictures.

Julian: Yeah, my wife keeps telling me too. Every time I say I'm going to trim my hair up she frowns on it.

Vic: Well, it's way more sexy when it's longer!

Julian: That's what she says too.

Vic: I've seen it short in your movies and you look younger when it's shorter. By the way, I bought one of your films last night. I called the store my friends and I usually go to purchase "naughty gifts" & such and they also rent movies and they told me yes, they had this movie in and I told them to hold it for me. Research you know. So I get there - they can't find it, all they have is one to buy & I now own my FIRST porn film! And I need to ask you something.

Julian: Okay.

Vic: A while back Leiha, Linda, Nancy and Maggie were here and we wanted to see one (or more!) of your movies so we went to a website and found a list of your films and at the top of the list was one - and I'm going to have a hard time even saying this, but I MUST find out if such a title actually exists - because we called every store in town and no one had it. And the name of this film is called….."LET'S PLAY BOLOGNA RIDE". (Dying here!!!)

Julian: You know, I have no idea!

Vic: Julian, can I tell you how difficult it is to ask someone if they have a film entitled LETS PLAY BOLOGNA RIDE?????? I can't do it! Linda had to do the calling and she did a very straight faced, businesslike job of asking for it - UNTIL…someone asked her to repeat, and she said "LETS PLAY BOLOGNA RIDE, B-O-L-O-G-N-A!!!!!". That was IT. I lost it altogether. So there is no such film, right? Someone was being funny?

Julian: You know, I just don't know! A lot of times you go to work, do your job, you leave. You don't know the title of the movie. Then a few months later someone says oh I saw you in "such & such" and I don't know the name.

Vic: There CAN'T be! NO ONE could come up with the name LETS PLAY BOLOGNA RIDE!

Julian: They come up with some pretty ridiculous names! I wouldn't put it past them!!!

Vic: Well, it was at the top of the list as one of your most current one's but we haven't been able to find it and we really wanted to see a current one (not to mention someone actually PLAYING BOLOGNA RIDE!!!! Hahahahaha!)

Julian: No, I know that's not one of my current ones.

Vic: What is your most current one?

Julian: What did you buy?

Vic: I got "Coming of Age 2".

Julian: That's current, and "Coming of Age". "Night Hawks" is another one, and "Lipstick". We just did one that we're changing the name of but it's kind of a spoof of scary movies, more of a comedy.

Vic: If you could think of the most current ones and send me the names in e-mail, I'd appreciate it.

Julian: Okay. Actually, give me your mailing address and I'll send you a bunch of the current ones.

Vic: YOU WOULD?!?!

Julian: Well, we own our company so it's no problem.

Vic: OHHHHH I can't believe it!!! (she screeches!)

Vic: I've heard that you are doing movies exclusively now for Jill Kelly Productions?

Julian: As you know, her and I are married, and we've been together since about a month into the relationship. We stopped working with other people & only work with each other. And I work only for Jill Kelly Productions.

Vic: Okay let me ask you about this. The men I interview and talk to are all "fantasy" men, so to speak. So how much do you want to talk about your marriage and divulge to the public about it?

Julian: I love being married and it depends on what you want, let's put it that way. If you want to keep me portrayed as more of a fantasy then we can talk less about it, but if you want to know who I really am, then we can talk more about it. She is my life. So you just ask me anything you want and I'll answer and you can put it however you want.

Vic: Okay, I want to portray you AS YOU ARE, so lets see how it goes!

Vic: Have you considered doing an "ULTIMATE Julian" website? Where women can get to know you and be familiar with your profession and your films?

Julian: I considered it for a while but to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I ever saw myself in that light. Maybe if I started from the beginning with the idea that I'm going to build a certain image, I might have. But when I first started in this business four and a half years ago, I pretty much kept to myself. I didn't go to too many industry functions and things like that. I'm kind of a private person and I don't know, just kept to myself, a low profile. If something presents itself to me I might take it & run with it.

Vic: Okay, you're a "star" in your industry. I know that for sure. But do you have any idea of the female following you have out in the mainstream, not particularly in the porn industry?

Julian: No. I've heard a little bit though. My wife was at a signing in Canada and she said apparently I have a following up there. I know I have a gay following. But again, I never went out and actively pursued finding out what kind of following I have to use as motivation to build a website. So I'm kind of ignorant to that whole area.

Vic: Well, it's there!

Julian: That's very flattering.

Vic: And, it's very true!! I think it's very unfortunate that we don't have access to you in any public way. I mean, you are a public figure in movies. I guess stars are like that though.

Julian: Well, I'm not totally closed to the idea. I was just playing with my laptop (HOOO, I'd like to play with his LAPTOP too! And NO, I didn't say that out loud!!!) and I've been looking at having a homepage - not something big - maybe just throwing some pictures out there.

Vic: DO IT!!! We want to see more of you!!!

Julian: We'll see!

Vic: Okay, on to the next question. I wanted to talk about the fact that porn films are oriented for male entertainment. Why hasn't the industry looked to the female market? What's the problem?

Julian: There's still a greater male audience.

Vic: Do you know why though? I wonder if anyone's even asked.

Julian: I think because males are just more open with it and maybe it's just how the male mind works. They feel safer and more open to the whole sex idea and maybe women are still more shy to it or more concealing with it. The female consumption of porn is becoming larger and larger though. There are more "mom & pop" stores that are well lit and they make it appealing for a woman to come in, rather than the dark dingy cave-like places where it looks like something bad is happening.

Vic: You have a point there. More upscale stores. In fact we have one here that caters almost strictly to women and I think men even feel funny being in there without a woman! But I think one of the problems, and why the industry still caters to males is because it is run by males and they haven't thought about what women want.

Julian: That's true too.

Vic: I recently posed a question at RBL about porn movies and asked the ladies, if they like porn films, do they watch them, if they do or don't - why. If they enjoy erotic films, what would they like to see. And I don't think this is something anyone has bothered to ask women. And most said they would watch a film that was geared to females. You know, if you feature JULIAN RIOS, instead of well, Kitty-something-or-other, we'll watch it! We see Julian touching and caressing, which I noticed you do in your films, and I've never noticed that in a porn film before. You touch, you kiss, you caress. And that's what women want and I think there's a market. And I think only another female will bring that out - does anybody want to? Does anybody care?

Julian: Well what Jill's concept behind her company is, is to orient her films towards couples. It's couples that are going to bring more women to the market, bring more women consumers. Let them know it's okay to watch it. And a whole other side point to go with this is the type of movie is, there are a lot of movies out there that degrade women and do nasty stuff to women and we're going away from that and making them more respectful to women and more appealing with a story.

Vic: You're very right about the demeaning of women in many porn films. And plot was mentioned, but I think mostly women want to see a "connection" between the couple. We don't want to watch these movies and hear women going "Ooo-Ahhh" and not hear the men saying things like, "Oh baby, that's so good" or something of that nature. We're just watching men fuck and that's it. Women want a bit of feeling. I don't even think it has to have a BIG plot, although some form of story to establish a connection would be good.

Julian: Most directors try to pair up a couple depending on their chemistry. If the couple hates each other and just don't get along they're not going to put them together working because you're just not going to get a good scene. It's just going to be the "Ooo's and ahh's" and a guy grunting. And if you can get some kind of connection between people, or if they're good friends you get a better scene.

Vic: Women want to see some emotion. It's how women are. And they want to see men do like you do. I've only seen three of your movies but I've noticed that about you. You do caress, I've seen you lean over and kiss a woman on her back, you appear to be making love, not just fucking, and these are the things that are missing from the films and it's so simple to put it in and have it appeal to women.

Julian: I can't speak for everybody, but some of these guys are out to prove a point. To portray this dominant image and that's just not me. When I'm "doing something" I'm not just out for myself. I got a comment from some friends the other day. Devin (a girl that just signed with our company) and her boyfriend and I are pretty good friends and its still kind of weird being friends with her boyfriend because she's his girlfriend. But he said to me, "I want to say thanks to you". And I said what are you talking about? He said, "well, you're the only one who's shown her a certain respect" - or something like that - I don't know, I'm stumbling on my words here, I don't know how to really explain it.

Vic: I think I know what he was saying because I've had that same feeling from watching you, that you have a respect for women that most of the males in these movies do not have, or show.

Julian: Exactly. I do.

Vic: You know, most of the male actors are there to show off their cocks and their prowess and that's about it.

Julian: Yes. The macho, bravado image.

Vic: Yep, and that's not what women want & it kinda ticks me off because I enjoy watching porn films but I get bored with what some of the ladies at RBL mentioned. I would like some good EROTIC porn films and I think there's a market that somebody needs to tap into. When I watch you on your films - and I was so glad because I was afraid when I found out what you do I would discover you're just like "the rest" of the guys - but us girls that watched your films didn't have that feeling. And that's a compliment to you and why I pursued this interview.

Julian: Thank you. I just hope I'm not destroying any preconceived notion or image. Geez, are they thinking "this guy's a real softy".

Vic: Oh no - You're doin GOOD! And we don't even want to think about Julian "SOFT"! Hahahahaha

Vic: Okay, here is, I think, the one thing the ladies mentioned most regarding porn movies. The men are BUTT UGLY Julian!!!

Julian: Oh yes.

Vic: Julian…what's the problem there? We see all these beautiful women and all these nasssty looking guys. Men are supposedly the more uninhibited about sex, about showing their bodies, etc. WHERE are the beautiful men like you?

Julian: Ummm, very few and far between and I think it's maybe the better-looking guys don't feel this is the job for them, that they're too good for it, I don't know. And to tell you the truth, there are very few guys that can do this job! We get guys coming up left and right asking how can I get in, I want your job, I can have sex in front of a camera. And you know, they're talking about a home video camera! And it's an entirely different world when you get on a set and you have a crew of fifteen to thirty and extras around and a camera up your butt and a light right next to you. It's really a different world and it's not at all what these guys think it is. You know, you put in a tape and it's like, okay, they're going from room to room having sex, and it's not like that. A scene can take anywhere from thirty minutes to two and a half hours and that's a lot of "up and down" for the guy, a girl can be a pain in the ass, or something could be going wrong - it could be really cold out. There's guys that struggle in the heat and there's a lot of different factors that come into this job and guys think it's so easy, having sex with all these girls and it's not like that. In fact your comment about all these beautiful women, you'd be surprised what makeup can do for a woman!

Vic: Oh Julian, I myself am a HUGH "surprise" every day of the week!

Julian: (laughs) I've seen a few women that without makeup I'm like, "Who's THAT"?! And someone says it's so-and-so and I'm thinking, "No Way! Get outta here!!" No lie! All these women don't look the same in person as they do on film or on a box cover. But I agree, it's not pleasant to see an ugly guy with a beautiful woman. But another thing that it does do is that the general male population that rents these movies, maybe aren't that great looking themselves and it's more appealing to them, it's more of a, "if HE'S doing this, I can do it" (have this hot sex with a beautiful woman).

Vic: Ohhh, okay, I never thought of that angle - Identifying with a plain or less than perfect male.

Julian: Yes. You know, when they see a better looking guy it's like, "well, I'll never be able to achieve that" or "I'll never be able to get a girl like that"

Vic: (*BIGGG sigh here*) Wellll Julian, I must ask….How DO you DO THAT?? I mean, keep that GORGEOUS erection up and at full salute all the time???

Julian: I use Viagara.

Vic: YOU DO? (a bit too loudly!) Do you want me to keep that out of the interview?

Julian: No, No! Everybody knows my stamp's on that. It's a work-aid, a tool of the trade so to speak. There's guys that say they don't use it but it's very obvious that they do use it when their face is all flushed and they're sniffing and their scene has been broke for five minutes and they're still standing there with a hard on - yeah, right - "no, I don't need Viagara, I don't need it". Okay, but you're standing here talking to me and you have a hard on. It makes the job easier but they think if others know they use it, it might make them appear "less of a man" or that they can't get a hard on without it.

Vic: Oh yeah, it's for "old guys", right.

Julian: Exactly! That's the myth and it's not the case. It's a work-aid. Directors keep it on them if something goes wrong or if a guy is having trouble.

Vic: Do you worry about the side effects later on? I mean this is still a fairly new drug! You could end up, with a perpetual erection!!!!!! (Gosh, worse things could happen I guess!!!)

Julian: You know, I thought about side effects for a while. I didn't use it that often. I used it every time I worked but for maybe two years I didn't use it at all, but it just makes it a lot easier. It's a sure thing! But you know, if you're head's not in it or you're working with someone you don't get along with or who doesn't appeal to you, or whatever - well, it's made for people who have erectile dysfunction but are very interested in sex, want to have sex. But if your minds somewhere else, it's not going to work. Your mind still has to be there.

Vic: Umm, I'm curious now. When you take it does it effect anything besides your erection? I mean does it make you woozy or like smoking a joint or something?

Julian: It doesn't make you woozy but it brings all your blood up and out, fills all your capillaries or whatever the technical term is but you'll get flushed and get the sniffs, but they say that can be alleviated with aspirin.

Vic: Wow, thanks for talking about that & telling us a secret of the trade!

Vic: Well, lets see, I wanted to talk about the quality of your movies. I get the Playboy channel here at home and for the most part the quality of the films sucks! But the quality of your films is quite good! I think the best I've ever seen. Why are yours so much better than everyone else's?

Julian: It's the people I've worked for. There's a lot of below average companies out there that just put out crap and all they care about is numbers - the more they can put out, the more money they make. The bigger companies put out those lines but then they put more into some bigger production value movies, just a higher quality movie and I was used for the higher quality movies. I didn't mind that at all! It's a better product!

Vic: You got that right! We sat through all of them. No one left early! *G*

Vic: We got the impression that you treat women a little differently - like they're not just a "receptacle" for your pleasure, and that was just on your films, so I'm wondering, are you a very affectionate man in real life?

Julian: Yes I am!

Vic: How do you feel about women? What's your opinion of women? Maybe it seems like a dumb question, but you know, there are some men who seem to have an innate sense about women - they know what women want emotionally and physically. I don't know if it comes from their upbringing - mothers, sisters, whatever, but I got that feeling about you.

Julian: I love women!

(Yes, it appears he DOES love women!)

I've never had a lot of women friends. A couple, not many. But it's the kind of person I am. I don't let a lot of people in, I don't let a lot of people know who I really am. It seems like the more people you share yourself with, the thinner and thinner you get.

Vic: I feel like the things you're telling me now are making you even more appealing but not at all vulnerable. Like, the REAL Julian Rios is even better than the one we see in photographs and movies. Are you uncomfortable with revealing all these things?

Julian: No. I feel like I'm in a "comfort zone" with you. Maybe it's from the e-mail you sent and talking to Leiha. And it's partly related to not knowing what kind of following I have out there. And if I DO have such a following, then I want them to know who I am. There's still more about me that won't come out, but I am on a good comfort level with you and I want to take this opportunity to give people a general idea of who I am.

Vic: I'm very flattered and happy that you're comfortable with me Julian.

Julian: And I will tell you, my first name is James. It's James Julian Rios.

Vic: Really? Why did you change?

Julian: When I was in the Marine Corps I decided it was time for a change. And I've kept Julian in the porn industry because I'm the same person (note: early in his career he did use a couple of other names but very early on, before, I think, he was established in the industry) I didn't want to deal with a dual personality type of thing. I didn't want to be changing from one person to another, dealing with some people one way and others as someone else. Because no matter who I'm talking to or where I'm at, I'm the same person. Some information might change, but I'm the same person. And I never wanted to have to worry about getting caught up in this whole pseudo world, this type of living, and not knowing when to come back or maybe not know how to come back. So I just decided it would be easier to be "Julian" - period. If you don't like it, don't accept it - don't deal with it. This is who I am.

Vic: Wellll, I think women are going to like Julian even more!!!! I guarantee it!

Julian: Wow, I got sidetracked! Back to how I feel about women…I love women, I enjoy women (actually, I extremely enjoy one woman in particular!) but I'm really close with my sister. I'm not super close with my mom and that has to do with my childhood. I don't hate my mom, I don't not talk to her, but we just never had a real close relationship. But my sister and I are very close. Actually, we just moved her down here from Seattle because she was in a bad situation up there. She has a 4-year-old daughter and she just had her second daughter Sunday. She had a C-section and I was in the room with her! We're keeping her down here because her boyfriend was a loser and decided at age 34 to have a mid-life crisis as soon as she became pregnant. She needed to get out of the situation and I brought her here and we're going to keep her till she gets on her feet & gets on with her life.

Vic: OMIGOSH! You ARE a good brother! (BTW, I would like to tell everyone that Julian took the time to call Leiha from the hospital to confirm this interview.)

Julian: Oh! And the new baby's name is Ava.

Vic: What a beautiful name! You sound like a VERRRY proud uncle and she's a very lucky little girl! Congratulations to all of you!

Julian: I am! And thank you.

Vic: Okay, onward…..Do you think you're a romantic person Julian?

Julian: Yes I do! (very emphatically!)

Vic: Why do you think so?

Julian: I don't know. Just the feelings I've always had. The things I like to do when I'm with someone.

Vic: Romance is important to you then?

Julian: Yes. Romance takes precedence over a lot of things. Romance, laughter & definitely a good sexual relationship. I think it all ties in together.

Vic: So you think of romance and erotic sex in the same vein?

Julian: Oh, very much so.

Vic: You know, in most relationships it's always left to the woman to keep (or try to) keep the romance alive. Do you feel responsibility in that way?

Julian: Definitely. I think too many couples get too comfortable. You always get to a comfort point with your partner and that's natural and it makes relationships good & last long. But two people can't lose sight of what got you there in the first place and they need to find ways to keep it new. And it can't be done just by one person. It has to be done by both.

Vic: What do you do to keep it new?

Julian: I don't know, gosh, it varies. Depending on the situation. Just little phone calls. I call my wife, when we're not together, maybe 15 times a day to say I love you. Or hide a card in her bag or something in her purse. I get her flowers. I got her four dozen roses for our anniversary.

(*Swooooon* Do you have an older brother????)

Julian: We went to Las Vegas for our anniversary and we stayed at the Four Seasons and had the same room we stayed in when we got married. Anyway, while we were there, I called back home to a friend and told him I wanted to set up a surprise party. He helped with ordering the flowers and cake and such. We drove back from Las Vegas and she saw cars in the driveway and says "what are these people doing here?" And I didn't say ANYTHING!!! And usually if she has an idea something's up she tries to get it out of me, but I kept my mouth shut and just said, "I don't know why they're here". There was a bunch of friends waiting and it was a total surprise and turned out to be really nice.

Vic: *Siiiiighhhhh* You are a romantic!!!!

Vic: What is your anniversary month?

Julian: May

Vic: Omigoodness! Perhaps we could move the Sleepover date to May! We'd LOVE to have Julian to our Sleepover!!!

Julian: (He chuckles) Gotta take my wife too!

Vic: HEY! We don't do threesomes!!!

Julian: Well it sounds like it'd be a little more than a threesome even without my wife!

Vic: I said we don't do threesome's - I didn't say we don't SHARE!!!! LOL!!

Vic: Okay, we just talked about the romance part of your life and one of the questions was, how do you keep romance, and especially intimacy in your life in view of your career? It doesn't seem to have a bearing on it at all does it?

Julian: Oh, actually it does. That's why this is our last, maybe six to eight months to no more than a year that we will be in the movies. We will still run the company, but not actually doing the scenes. It gets tough because it's so personal. It's not about just a movie set or movie scene now, it's between a married couple and there's feelings there and love there and it's like all these people are in our bedroom. It's gets to you a bit when you care about someone. And it's tough because in this industry most of the "couples" are not monogamous - I think her and I and one other couple that I know of are monogamous. That's two monogamous couples in the whole industry. Other couples swing and are just open in their relationships. And I don't look down at that, it's their choice, but we choose to be monogamous. A lot of the people don't understand that. They still feel free to make comments or gestures - like touch us in inappropriate ways. So it does have a bearing on the relationship, the intimacy.

Vic: So, you two are like really abnormally normal in your line of work!

Julian: Yes. Extremely normal for this industry.

Vic: Ok, let's talk about your military career. Leiha herself was in the Army and treasured her experience and she would like to know, what did you take away from your six-and-a-half years experience in the Marines?

Julian: Actually, I talked with Leiha a bit about that on the phone. And what I took away from it is that I'm pretty disciplined in different areas of my life because of it. But I didn't fully agree with a lot of it. I don't believe any organization (any branch of the service) should have that much control over a person. They tell you who you can hang out with, how to dress, where to go, and I think that's taking too much away from an individual. But then again, some individuals need that. Some can't control or look after themselves or be somewhere without getting into trouble. Overall it was a bit too much for me.

Vic: But do you think you got something from it?

Julian: Oh I know I did! It got me out of the situation I was in, in Seattle. I did what I had to do to get out of high school. I did not have a lot of guidance or support from my family and I didn't want to go to college at the time but I didn't want to stay in my hometown doing nothing or going nowhere. So I figured it would give me time to figure something out. Six and a half years later I moved back to Seattle and all my high school pals were in and out of mom & dad's house, on and off unemployment, wearing the same clothes they wore in high school, driving the same cars, hanging out at the same bars. Doing the same thing at 25-26 years old as they were doing back then. So, five months later I moved back to California. If I would have stayed there, I probably would have gotten sucked back five years. And I just didn't want that. I did sign up for a second hitch because I still didn't know what I wanted to do, and I served on the front lines in the first Middle East conflict. I ended up only serving two years of that second hitch because of a back injury I sustained while working (which has since been successfully corrected by surgery).

Vic: Thank you for talking about that. Now, tell me, how the heck did you end up in the adult entertainment business?? How old were you?

Julian: I was 24 or 25. A buddy and I went to Las Vegas during the electronics show. I met a girl there, Sharon Kane and from her I met Brittany Andrews.

Vic: So were you just playing slot machines and someone noticed your, I MEAN, you??

Julian: No, we were trying to get into the show and we eventually got tickets. And just walking around is where I met Brittany Andrews. She took me around to all the companies introducing me, telling everyone she (and these are her own words!) "enjoyed me so much she wanted to share me!" *G*. Then probably within a month I got signed to my first contract with Metro. From there I went on my own for a while, then I got picked up by Vivid and VCA.

Vic: Do you have any interest in mainstream acting?

Julian: I do. And I, as well as my wife, have been praised for our acting ability and we enjoy the acting more than anything else. We look forward to bigger and better acting roles. So my outlook on mainstream acting is if something presented itself to me, I'd jump again and run with it. But it's not that big of a desire that I'm going to go out and pursue it. There's so much competition and it's so concentrated with young and upcoming actors. But if a door opened to me, yes, I would definitely take it. But it's not something I would actively pursue.

Vic: So you say you think you will do what you are doing 8 to 9 months, no more than a year.

Julian: I would continue to act in adult films, but not have sex.

Vic: Hhmmm, (sulking here) then what would you do?

Julian: There are a lot of non-acting roles.

Vic: *Groannnn*

Julian: Oh okay, I'll take my shirt off in them then okay?

Vic: Oh Puuuleeez Julian, that's not the FOCAL POINT, ya know?!

Julian: Oh alright, I'll walk around naked in them!

Vic: I can live with that! You know Julian, your body is niiiice! In the recent films I've seen you in your body is waaaaay more buff than when you did the Playgirl shoot! You're lookin GUUUUD!

Julian: Have you watched "Coming Of Age 2" yet?

Vic: That's the one I bought.

Julian: Did you watch it yet?

Vic: Does a chicken have lips?

Julian: Okay, well, I'm bigger now than even then.

Vic: (THUD)

Julian: But I'm lean.


Julian: I'm around 200 - 220 lbs.

Vic: And how tall are you?

Julian: Six two.

Vic: (THUD) I could have that fatal orgasm NOW!

Vic: So Julian - What qualities appeal to you in a woman? What really turns you on, intellectually as well as physically?

Julian: Intelligence is a big thing! It's pretty hard to have an intelligent conversation with someone that doesn't know their ABC's or how to put a sentence together! Looks are important. Everyone likes to look at pleasing people. It's just nice!

Vic: Of course! Well, blond, brunette, redhead?? Oh, wait, you've got a blond so I guess that answers that.

Julian: She's actually a brunette. She let her hair go back dark for a while but she's known in the industry as a blond so she went back to that. When we're finished doing movies she's going to go back to brunette. I actually prefer brunettes. A lot of my girlfriends have been blond but I do prefer brunettes.

Vic: And, I guess as long as we're talking to an adult film star, I guess it's okay to ask you what turns you on sexually. What REALLY gives you a raging hard on???

Julian: Ummm, I think about my wife with another woman.

Vic: Reallly?

Julian: Yes. And she knows this and it's one of those things that the idea, the thought of it, is more intriguing than it actually happening

Vic: Oh?

Julian: Yeah, it is. And she fantasizes about me with another woman also and she said it's because of the taboo of it, she says it makes her mad! And that's what turns her on. You know, she asked me about this one time & I didn't want to tell her at first because I didn't want to upset her and I didn't want her to think that she's not enough. But I was wrong, it wasn't that at all - she wanted to know and it's just more the thought than the actual deed. The act itself would actually upset me.

Vic: That's interesting because most of us know that that's a very common men's fantasy and it's nice to hear you say that the fantasy itself is more appealing than the actual act. You know, I've seen women (well, more like "girls") at Olympic Gardens up by the stage actually nearly "doing" each other and KISSING each other in front of the dancers onstage, thinking they are turning these guys on. I myself thought it a rather disgusting display in public, but wondered if it actually turned the guys on (I did not however note any HUGH erections occurring!!!)

Julian: You see, things like that aren't a turn on. There's "girls" that are maybe "bi-curious", they get some alcohol in them, they're with a girlfriend & they're doing it because they think it's going to get a "rise". But if you're any kind of a half intelligent guy, then you know this game, and it's not a turn on.

Vic: What's the most romantic thing you've done for a woman?

Julian: I think it's something I did for my wife. I had a full body portrait of her tattooed on my stomach.

Vic: WHAT??? Back up - I just watched a current movie and I didn't see it!

Julian: I think its there in "Coming of Age 2".

Vic: No, it's not.

Julian: It's not? It's on the left side of my stomach. I could swear I had it before that film.

Vic: Nooo, I don't think so….(as she contemplates & has second thoughts)…Welll Julian, maybe I better not swear to that because you know, it's a verrrry good possibility that was NOT the BODY PART I was focusing on!!!!!! *EG* But, that is very romantic - it's certainly "Forever"!!

Vic: Let's talk about the tattoos! You've got some new "body art" since Playgirl and is it GORRRRGEOUS! So tell me about it. When you got your first tattoos and about the new ones.

Julian: I got my first tattoos when I was 23 and it was the "Comedy/Tragedy" on my left shoulder and it's now covered with a Libra sign. But up until that point, I used to say that my body is my temple & I'd never get a tattoo. But I got that first one and I'd heard it's addicting & once you get your first one you're going to get the next one! But I've always been very careful about what I get because they're forever. Most of them are custom art & no one else can ever use the designs.

Vic: Are you planning on anymore? You don't want to overdo it!

Julian: Yes, I am but I won't overdo it. I try to keep it balanced also.

Vic: Well I tell ya Julian, that starburst on your belly has women all over the country sucking their monitors! It's gorgeous.

Julian: Thank you (as he cracks up!)

Vic: I understand that you're the first male adult star to have a dual contract. Would you tell us what that means and how it happened?

Julian: When I was working for Metro I kind of got screwed over because they were paying me per scene per movie and sometimes they would go a few weeks without shooting anything so I was kind of screwed for money. That's what made me leave Metro and I went out on my own for a while. Then I worked for Vivid and after the first movie I did for them they asked me if I'd be interested in a contract. So I told them what I wanted money wise. I could have made more money staying on my own and working as much as I wanted, but having a contract meant I wouldn't need to do as many films and I would have the backing of a company which is better promotion and publicity. And Vivid is one of the top companies. So they called me and said they were going to split the money with VCA, which is another top company & I said fine and I did movies for both companies exclusively.

Vic: Very interesting! I understand there is a big pay differential between males and females in the adult entertainment industry. That's a real odyssey in reverse discrimination. In an industry dominated by men, why not AT LEAST equal pay for stardom and recognition? Doesn't this kind of piss you off? Unless, I'm making an erroneous assumption.

Julian: No you are not. It's always been a pet peeve of mine. The top guys don't get near as much as the top girls. And just like you said, it's a male dominated industry but it's a male generated industry, consumer-wise and they're going to give the women more money because the women sell the product.

Vic: I think going back to what I was saying earlier, that perhaps if a company put a focus on someone like YOU and used you as a feature catering to women's needs and fantasies, then there would also be a female consumer market as well. This sort of movie, catering to women, could possibly even out that pay differential between men and women actors.

Julian: But you know, you've got to be careful and never put a guy alone on a box cover. Like this movie we've just done is called "Immortal Love is Forever" and it's based on Xanadu and City of Angels and I'm the lead male, and if I'm on the box cover it will be with a girl or maybe two because if they put only me on that cover because it will look like a gay movie.

Vic: I see. And even if it was a box cover with you and a woman, and said "STARRING Julian Rios" it could still be mistaken for a gay movie simply because these films are sold at places that mostly only males go to, right?

Julian: That's right and until women do buy them and show a greater demand for them it's not going to happen. A company is not going to spend $80,000.00 dollars on a movie to sit it on a shelf with the hopes that women are going into a porn store to buy them.

Vic: Too bad there are so many "shady" porn stores and not so many upscale "adult" stores like the few springing up around the country. That alone could help. I guess I just get frustrated because of my long held and deeply ingrained beliefs in equal rights (in all things) but especially for women. If I buy a porn film it's because I want to see Julian Rios, but I'm paying the same price as a male to see less of you. I'm getting shafted (so to speak *G*) for my dollars!

I think a good example of what women want & will pay for is Olympic Gardens in Las Vegas. The room downstairs that caters to men is the size of a damn football field! The room upstairs catering to women is only slightly larger than a cocktail lounge. But if you go in there any Saturday night you're going to see that place (upstairs) packed from wall to wall with women and a line a mile long to get in. Women are finally getting to do the things that men have been doing for years and no one is smart enough to capitalize on it!!! I guess it's just going to take another woman or group of women to be smart enough to do it!

Julian: I agree with you completely. And it will eventually happen. But it's going to take a while. Look how long its taken us to get this far in this industry - to the point of a quality, high budget product that can be enjoyed by couples. Really, the industry overall is becoming A LOT more mainstream. And a company owned by a woman, Jill Kelly, is striving toward that goal. But it will take a while.

Vic: Maybe so. After all, one must be patient. Look how long it took us to get the vote.

Julian: Yeah. (he chuckles)

Vic: And, maybe websites like RBL Romantica can help in a way. I mean we're talking to you, you're a porn star and we are seeing a very kind, intelligent, man who is respectful of women and who's wife is working towards a better image of the industry that may lead to a product both sexes can enjoy.

Vic: Well, I'll wrap this up Julian with a favorite phrase of mine….


(Hey! I've got JULIAN RIOS here! I'm going for broke! Would I be the HeadMistress if I didn't?)

Julian: Uhhh!!!!!!!!! (he's sputtering and laughing his ass off!!!)

Vic: Julian! STOPPIT! You're going to shatter the image!!!!

Julian: To be honest I'm not much of a talker when I'm making love.

Vic: More a man of action eh? (MY kinda guy!)

Julian: Ohhh yeah. But I make lots of noises and you're VERY aware that I'm THERE.

Vic: One could HARDLY miss your "presence" Julian!

Julian: Do women like that, I mean, talking dirty???

Vic: Uhhhh…..yeah.

Julian: Really?

Vic: I can't speak for everyone, but you know, women will say, "Don't be crude & vulgar!" but, under that "proper" veneer lurks a WANTON who would trade her first born to hear JUUUULIAN of the ELEVEN INCHES murmur VULGAR, nasssssteee things in her ear!!!!! (right girls?!?!??!!?).

Julian: You know, even though I'm a man of few words I think in a different environment I could do it.

Vic: Not into phone sex eh?

Julian: No, you know, I'm more of a touchy-feely kinda guy.

(TOUCH ME! FEEL ME! As she shivers and girds her loins!!!!!! - which BTW comes through loud and clear on the phone! Ooops!)

Vic: Is it me Julian? Am I turning you off!? (OH NO!!!)

Julian: No! It actually has to do with knowing and talking with you tonight though.

(She's FRANTIC!!!)

Julian: We've been talking at a good comfortable level for nearly two hours and it's kind of like, we've been friends for a while and I all of a sudden start talking dirty to a comfy friend & wouldn't feel right.

Vic: (OH GREAT! "COMFY FRIEND"?? Just what every girl wants - JULIAN RIOS, "comfy friend" HAH!)

Vic: Ohhhh, okay, I understand. We've known each other too long for me to say, "BEND ME OVER BABY!"?

(Another HUGH burst of laughter!!!!)

Julian: Wait a minute, I can do this!

Vic: You can?!

Julian: (he lowers his voice several sexy octaves & sounding like a DIRTY OL MAN says)…

Ooo baby, Baaabeee

(OMIGOD, we're in stitches now!)

Vic: You just shattered the image Julian!!! I heard something like that about 5:30 this morning and nearly KNEED the source of those words!!!!

(the laughter continues)……

And so there it is ladies. Julian Rios, porn star. Julian Rios, touchy-feely guy. Julian Rios, shy guy. Julian Rios, sweetheart. Julian Rios, husband, brother, proud uncle. JULIAN RIOS is EVERYTHING and beyond my wildest and most hopeful expectations. And I'm claiming him as OURS!!! Julian Rios, HONORARY REBEL! And, I thank him with ALL my heart on behalf of all of us for taking the time to be with us and making us one of the few who have been given a look into his private life, thoughts, & background. THANK YOU JULIAN!!!

But wait!

Our journey doesn't end here. If you'll click on Julian's name below, you can join Leiha and I on the set for our TWELVE HOUR and ELEVEN INCH Malibu adventure, live and IN PERSON, with OUR OWN…..

Come with us! We're waiting for you!!!!!

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